In February 2011, photojournalism students from the University of Georgia visited Habersham County. The mission: to spend a weekend immersed immersed in visual storytelling. This is a gallery of what was captured by UGA photojournalism students Melissa Harward and Sarah Lundgren. Special thanks to Mark Johnson, UGA Senior Lecturer/Journalism, and The Northeast Georgian,

Here’s more about the project from The Grady Journal:

In late February, students in the University of Georgia’s Documentary Photography class ventured a little bit north of their normal stomping grounds to tell the stories of Habersham County, from the local stores to the local streams, these are the stories they brought back. These stories were produced as part of the Sixth Annual UGA Photojournalism Weekend Workshop which was funded through grants from Lynda and Harry Woodall and the Hearst Foundation. Without their support, educational experiences like this would not exist.

While students spend the weekend shooting in the field, assisting them was a dedicated team of volunteer professionals who helped coach, critique and cajole them into telling better stories. The students would like to thank Sarah Bates, of the Charleston Post and Courier, John Bohn, Mike Haskey, of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Robin Nathan, Mike Roy, Minla Shields, Susan Walsh, of the Associated Press, and Billy Weeks. These folks have continued their conversations with the students after the weekend, another testament to their dedication.

Lastly, the Community Newspapers, Inc., owned Northeast Georgian acted as host and guide. Publisher Alan NeSmith and managing editor Lane Gresham were an invaluable resource to the students, opening doors, minds and hearts in the community to this project.