GCmarchThe heartbeat of the church is in the community we share. Not only through ministries within the church but in support of other groups that use our facilities. You can find information on upcoming events, special projects through our weekly E-newsletter “Greetings from Grace”  on the Newsletter page on our website.

During his ministry, Jesus gathered people into communities in which they could learn of God’s love and grow in God’s grace. The groups within our community are places of belonging where people can share their gifts and talents to grow in Christ and to serve the world in his name.

Weekday Fellowship

“Joyful Hands” is a completely informal, unorganized gathering that meets (when anyone show up) on the first and third Monday mornings of the month at 10 a.m. in St. Julian Hall. No one is in charge, and usually people mingle at church on Sunday to find out if anyone is actually coming. When the group does gather, it’s a chance for Individuals to work on their own art and craft projects, while enjoying good conversation and fellowship. For more information, contact Susan Smith, sbsmith@soquesmiths.com.

A bridge group for experienced players meets on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoons at 1 p.m. at St. Julian Hall. To inquire about open spots, contact Susan Smith, sbsmith@soquesmiths.com.


First Sunday Breakfast


Volunteer “kitchen angels” help provide coffee and light refreshments every Sunday morning between and after worship services. This informal time is so valuable for getting to know people in a relaxed way. If you’d like to contribute refreshments or kitchen help, please do volunteer. Coordinator Bob Parker, piscator_bob@hotmail.com always needs more hands on deck.

On the first Sunday of the month, a crew goes all out with a fabulous breakfast buffet. This is a chance to meet people who go to a different service, and to converse over delicious food.

The kitchen angels can always use another hand — for cooking, serving and/or cleanup. To join the fun behind the scenes, contact Michael McDuffie, kathleenmcduffie@hotmail.com.

The group takes a well-deserved rest during the summer. Keep up with the First Sunday Breakfast dates and times by subscribing to our weekly email newsletter below.

Special Gatherings

We have picnics, outdoor services, excursions and evening gatherings with a light supper and a program. Keep up with Grace-Calvary events by subscribing to our weekly newsletter:

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