The practice of praying for the sick by the laying on of hands and anointing with oil goes back into the Old Testament.  It is a practice meant to strengthen the weak and provide encouragement to those who care for them. One may participate for oneself, or on behalf of another.  

Grace-Calvary provides this ministry weekly on Wednesdays at noon.  Participants gather with one of our priests in the church for scripture reading, silent reflection, and prayers and the laying on of hands and anointing for healing. For those who wish to remain after the prayers, we continue with the service of Holy Communion.  Everyone is invited to gather around the Lord’s table to receive communion, but for those who would rather not, opportunity is given for a quiet exit.

All worship services at Grace-Calvary are open to everyone, but this is one of which we would particularly like to make the larger community aware.  If you would like prayers of healing for yourself, for someone you care about, for our nation or the whole world, we invite you to join us.